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Meal Pricing

Healthy Hound Food puts you in control when it comes to feeding your best friend.

  • Yes, we provide your hound with their full daily food intake.
  • Yes, we use all 100% fresh ingredients.
  • Yes , your hound will benefit from our preservative free food.

The choice is yours

Dog Size Portion Size Daily Price Weekly Price Monthly Price




Extra Large

150g $2.20 $15.00 $60.00
300g $3.85 $26.50 $106.00
450g $5.50 $38.00 $152.00
600g $7.40 $51.50 $206.00
900g $9.10 $63.40 $253.60
1500g $12.85 $89.25 $357.00


Delivery is a flat fee of $7.50. However, Healthy Hound Food is fresh frozen for transportation, and if its convenient and you have the fridge capacity to hold large amounts of food ordering fortnightly or monthly a one off delivery fee of $7.50 to offer you the best value for money service.

Each meal plan will be delivered on either Tuesday or Friday afternoons.


Treats Pricing

Treat Name  Cost per Packet
Beef Pieces $9.90
Beef Cheeks $9.90
White Bait  $9.90
Lamb Pieces $9.90
Kangaroo Strips $9.90
Turkey Offal $9.90
Sardines $9.90
Venison Pieces $12.90
Turkey Breast $12.90