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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Healthy Hound Food ?

At Healthy Hound Food we're all about keeping your best friend healthy, conveniently! Leave all the hard work to us.

We use the freshest human grade ingredients along with Michelin star culinary techniques which results in the freshest, most nutritional meals, keeping them healthy and you stress free.

We paw promise!

Manage your subscription

Cancel or change your subscription at any time. For cancellations just give us 2 weeks notice .

What do I do once I have my order ?

Simply open your cooler bag and place contents in the fridge. Cut open 1 bag when it comes to meal time and allow the bowl to be licked cleaned, it's that easy.

If you receive more then 1 weeks subscription, we recommend freezing then thawing 1 week at a time in the fridge. 

How much is delivery ?

Flat fee of $7.50 (Syndey metro) $20 flat fee for greater sydney suburbs. We also offer subscription fortnightly and monthly adding value for money for those who have space in the freezer.

Why Chicken necks ?

Chicken necks are a great source of protein while promoting dental health and improving brain function. We highly recommend this option in each meal plan.

Can I give some of my own food?

Totally up to you. We at Healthy Hound Food believe you should have full control of what your best friends diet. Of course we recommend a full Healthy Hound Food meal plan but also give the option of half portion .

I'm going on holidays

No problem, just let us know and we'll put a hold on your subscription till you return (up to 4 weeks). You can also stock up and take Healthy Hound Food with you.

What if I'm not home when the food is delivered?

Just leave us instructions and we'll make sure your meal plan is waiting where you like it when you get home.

What do I do with my cooler bag?

Just leave it in your designated drop area and we'll replace it with a full bag!

When will my delivery arrive?

Deliveries are made every Tuesday and Friday.

Can't find what your looking for?

We're here to help, just call or email us with any questions you may have.