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Being a dog owner is a passion

It shouldn't feel like a burden or a full time job. For my owner that's what it felt like.

I was constantly sick suffering from allergies whilst my companion Boss, was the fussy eater. Between us it was driving our owner crazy.

Our owner, (Umberto) Robbie kept on taking us to the vet, until one day our vet mentioned the word 'food allergy'.

Being a trained and experienced chef using human grade food whilst working with nutritionists and K9 professionals he came up with Healthy Hound Food. I love it, and now my friends love it too!.

It's so simple when it comes to feeding us. He just opens the packets of food from the fridge, puts it in our bowl and we lick the bowl clean. YUM!! With less stress over our food we now have so much more time together and less visits to the vet.

The best part is that with every batch of Healthy Hound Food we taste test it together.

Thanks to me, Robbie is now able to help all your hounds be healthy!